High Rise Window Cleaning

Our backbone is high rise window cleaning. With hand-in-hand cooperation with OSHA, including personal meetings and cooperative projects, the window cleaning division we have is second to none. Our quality driven workers give our customers exactly what they want, and more. Communication, problem solving, and curteous interaction are just some of the aspects of on-site behavior that we teach our workers to ensure that customers needs are met. We use the latest in window cleaning technology, material and the top rappelling system equipment.


Along with rappelling systems, Great Lakes B&R uses Spider Staging hanging scaffold rigging in accordance with OSHA height regulations. With inspected equipment and many options, we can facilitate any high rise need.

*Each scheduled Cleaning using our High Rise service includes a FREE Building Inspection

Ground Work

Great Lakes B&R uses Etorre and Unger extension poles and window cleaning supplies for our ground-level and second story window cleaning. Window cleaning ladders are also used when needed to access high and unpolable windows. Ground work, or Route work, is another mastered window cleaning technique our workers are equipped with.

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